The main goal of the Amadeus Travel Agency is the realization of responsible and ecological tourism in Costa Rica.
Therefore we support, with a percentage of our income meaningful projects such as the “Rainforest of the Austrians” (Esquinas national park) in order to keep the tropical rainforest alive and to protect it from logging.

We all should work together to preserve the forest for future generations!

Those who have just once experienced the beauty and diversity of this habitat will hopefully join our philosophy.

More over, we want to return something to the people of Costa Rica, in particular to the poorest of the country, so we co-operate with projects that for instance donate clothes.

As we are beware of the great biodiversity we also aware of the importance of saving our environment and by supporting sustainable tourism in Costa Rica we want to set an example to others as we strive to reach this goal.

The income of the tourism sector should improve the living standard of the country and its people. We are convinced of the fact, that the struggle against poverty is the first and most important step towards a peaceful environment. Ultimately we all want a world, where a happy and satisfied life is possible and the nature has its permanent place.

We keep distance from being an Eco-travel-agency, because we cannot duplicate the ecology-thought, as long as we board a plane operated on kerosene.

Responsible and ecological tourism is our key word!