Since the foundation in 1994 of Amadeus Travel, a specialist Costa Rican Travel Agency we have endeavoured to promote sustainable and lasting tourism in this country. As a Travel operator we see our responsibility in working in fair collaboration with the local tourist businesses and in supporting carefully chosen projects that are meaningful both socially and ecologically. A part of our income is donated to the exemplary project „rain forest of the Austrians“ in the Esquinas rain forest. With a visit to the reservation of the Maleku-Indigenas, we enable our clients to encounter the original culture, the income from such tourism helps to improve the standard of living.

The basic idea is not only the protection of nature but also the indigenous Costa Rican’s “give something back“ The rural tourism connects these two goals with tours to native farms, crafts enterprises, indigenous Indians and worthy native projects. Sustainable tourism is able to create jobs and incomes, integrate and promote understanding. Agenda 21, agreed in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, and ratified by 179 countries, we therefore strive for a kind of the tourism, that is ecologically responsible and both ethically and socially fair for the local population. The “Agenda 21” as an action program for the 21st Century pursues the goal of securing and improving the basic living standards and providing sustainable development opportunities for current and future generations. Sustainable Development.

Costa Rica counts as one of the most interesting countries on the planet and is a major corridor between North and South America. 5% of the Earths Biodiversity can be found in the country. A multitude of endemic fauna and flora shows the multiple layers of the Biodiversity. As a Pacific country with a good social network, Costa Rica stands out amongst other Central American countries. It is for good reasons that scientists from all over the world from early on explore in the tropical forests of the country. Just as with the tourism industry with all its advantages there are also disadvantages for the country and its people. For us, as a Travel Agency, we have a large responsibility for the type of tourism and how it leaves its mark on the country together with its future development in mass tourism market. We fully understand that travel as an important experience and enrich our daily lives. Through the income from tourism, the numerous national parks, biological reservations and other protectorates are thus able to secure the Biodiversity for future generations.

As our Agency is located in the capital of Costa Rica and our highly trained team are fluent in German, English and Spanish, you can depend on a competent consultation in the planning of your trip. We put special value on the selection of our tour guide leaders: expert knowledge (History of the country and its people, as well as its fauna and flora) and naturally there communication skills and respect for Costa Rica’s way of life are some of the important selection criteria. This enables us to offer our customer an unforgettable trip into the nature paradise that is Costa Rica.

Our strong points are our individual client consultations and ongoing client care through out the travel experience. We gladly listen and act upon our client’s requests; we are always ready to provide presentations for more exotic trips.