When I was a child my family teach us that Easter is a religious day in Costa Rica that means you  have to follow lot of traditions according the catholic religion, to commemorate Easter passion, death and resurrection of Jesus, there are a lot of traditions some of them are fast, go to church, processions, clean the house  before Easter  begin, you can’t eat red meat,  and  there  wasn’t any chance to go out from the house with car or bus because there wasn’t any  bus service in Thursday and Friday  and with car it was forbidden by the old people. As well all the supermarkets, restaurants and stores close their doors for this 2 days and there is not alcohol that you can buy.

Meanwhile  family stay in the house cooking the famous typical costarrican desserts like “arroz con leche” (rice with milk), “empanadas de Chiverre” (delicatessen like a pie with pumpkin ), “miel de coco” (cocos honey), homemade bread and  lots of fish.

Today this traditions has change, now they are more modernized, families stay in their homes or go to holidays because is summer so many families take advantage of it,  there are supermarkets and stores open, only Thrusday and Friday is forbidden to sell alcohol.

However we always stay with the traditions of the  catholic religion, always bake to same recipes and goes sometimes to the processions that always are in the communities with a lot of images of the passion of Christ.

If you were never in Costa Rica in Easter we invite you to know the traditions, enjoying the good food and weather of this season.