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There are 6 kinds of sloths in the world most of them in Central and South America, in Costa Rica we have 2 kinds of sloths two fingers (Choleopus hoffmani) and three fingers (Barypus variegatus), these  medium-sized animals, mammals and slow-moving are a kind of gray bear that hang in the top of the trees, their diet is mainly of the leave tree call Guarumo and some fruits, reason why they have slow metabolism and takes 30 days to digest a meal!. They have hair and nails totally adapted to trees.

The Aviarios del Caribe is a Wildlife Refuge, was createdon 1996, their principal cause is to rescue and rehabilitate injured sloths, their principal predator  are humans  and many of them maimed by electric wires or  tortured by humans.

There cause is really amazing they have 130 sloths, birds, caimans, and other animals of the zone, all of the animals that live in this sanctuary are rescue and have some trouble to get in the wild life, they are the only sloth sanctuary in the world and it was founded for a family who lives and work in the sanctuary with help of some volun

taries for support the animals in the refuge.

Today they make 2 different tours where people can learn more about sloths, they have guided tours, 30 minutes of documentary of the sloths and if it’s possible you can take a canoe at the forest to know more about the vegetation of the zone,  they are located in Limón near of the Gandoca Mazanillo Refuge.

Their philosophy is incredible, they try to make a difference with such animals and we supported this kind of philosophy. If you come to Costa Rica remember to visit these unique refuges that take your breath away.