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Hello Friends, we are more than pleased to share all this nice tips with you!

The following recommendations should be made in an approach to preserving our natural environment. Our advice for sustainable actions is useful, easy to implement and bring surprising results. We want to significantly participate in the realization of a fundamental and important goal: the protection of our planet.

When visiting one of the protected areas, we recommend the following:


1. Find out at the beginning of each tour of any possible measures and specific aspects of the conservation of natural resources and the environment.

2. Keep a bag in order to wrap up waste during a walk and later dispose of it properly.

3. Smoking is prohibited within national parks and biological reserves. Please note this requirement in order to avoid forest fires.

4. Avoid taking too much food on the trails of the national parks. Be sure to retain any packaging for proper disposal.

5. Avoid any unnecessary disturbance of wildlife and their habitat. Please refrain from any kind of noise while you walk through the national parks and reserves and keep your distance from the animals. Do not touch the plants, as some species are protected with thorns, needles etc. By night walks please use a weak or dimmed light source, ideally infrared light.

6. Please always remain within the marked trails and do not leave them!

7. Never feed animals in the parks or throw away any leftovers.

8. During your visits to the communities around the national parks you have the opportunity to support the residents. With the purchase of local products and souvenirs, handicrafts, cuisine, etc., they have a direct impact on local incomes – This has a positive influence on both sides, both for the community living there as well as for you as a tourist.

9. Avoid buying souvenirs and memories of your trip that are made from basic materials of endangered wild species and those that come from endangered forests. Remember that the marketing of wildlife products is illegal in Costa Rica. Please don’t make yourself liable.

10. Please try to avoid removing the plants and animals in any form from their environment. Costa Rica has heavy sanctions, such as heavy fines or even criminal imprisonment.


We wish you a great trip in Costa Rica!