The Jaguar Rescue Center is a nonprofit animal rescue center, located in Puerto Viejo – Costa Rica. Encar and Sandro, the founders are specializing in orphaned and injured jungle animal babies, like monkeys and sloths.

How the project started:

After many trips to Costa Rica, Encar and Sandro decided to leave Europe and move to Costa Rica to help injured animals. At first they started with reptiles, but due to the fluency of animals that needed to be rescued the project kept on growing and in 2008 the Jaguar Rescue Center was born. In 2007 a Jaguar mother in Costa Rica has been killed by local farmers because they suspected she had killed two goats. Her baby was given to Encar and Sandro, but the baby was extremely dehydrated and very sick. Encar and Sandro tried everything they could, but in the end the poor baby jaguar died. Encar and Sandro decided to name their animal rescue center in honor of her and the Jaguar Rescue Center was born.

The Jaguar Rescue Center is not a zoo, but rather a rescue, rehabilitation and reintroduction of wild species center with the end goal of releasing the animals back into the wild. At the Jaguar Rescue Center, they work on a hand on policy that means direct contact to all of the animals is the most important thing. A lot of animals have lost their mothers or have suffered traumatic experiences, therefore direct contact with these animals is essential to build a strong defense mechanism and to help them to survive in the future. Since 2007 over four hundred animals have been returned to the jungle and each day Encar and Sandro and all the
people at the Jaguar Rescue Center work to return injured and orphans animals to the wild. The spirit of that original baby jaguar lives on in every animal they rescue and their mission of “Help Us Help Them” continues in her honor.

The Jaguar Rescue Center does not receive any financial aid from government or institutional agencies but can survive due to donations, adoptions from animal lovers and visitors who bring some items that can be found in Costa Rica or are too expensive.

If you want to get more information or help the Jaguar Rescue Center, please visit: